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One of main goals of PALS is to focus on training and mentorship.

EDUCATION is the great engine of PERSONAL development, it is through EDUCATION that the daughter of a ┬ápeasant can become a doctor, a son of a mine worker can become head of the mine, that the child of Farmworkers can become PRESIDENT…

– Nelson Mandela

The PALS Centre facilitates training in several modules namely:

Business Skills / New Venture Creation

Directors / Shareholders / Trustees: Roles and responsibilities


Mentorship and support for PALS enterprises

Continuous training regarding processes and procedure are provided formally and informally to participants in PALS enterprises.

Cooperation between PALS and Universities and other experts, assists in developing a practical training programme and simulators.

New learning material and training applications and programmes are developed in consultation with stakeholders, Universities and the people involved in the enterprises.

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