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PALS becomes part of a post graduate class at Stellenbosch University

In August this year PALS’ development moved up yet another notch when the post graduate marketing diploma class at SU received and extensive brief on the reason of existence of a remarkable albeit lesser known brand. With their help, this might change in the near future.


Marketing is the knowledge and knowhow on what to sell. Advertising is the ability and knowhow on how to sell it. At present PALS is a superb brand but probably – in terms of the broad and general public out there – one of this country’s best kept secrets. To become a household name, we need the knowledge and knowhow of the what and how to sell it as just mentioned. That’s one side of this great project.

The other side is that Dr Debbie Human-van Eck, lecturer at the Department of Business Management at SU focusing her teachings on Marketing Communication, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management and Digital Marketing as well as Brand Purpose, Design Thinking and Creativity was in need of a challenging brief for her post graduate marketing diploma class. Bringing PALS into this lecture hall was a perfect fit.


Dr Debbie developed an assignment to the class which was labelled: Making a Difference. The assignment comprises the following sections:

  • Comprehending the brief
  • Analysing the client’s brand
  • Understanding the target audience
  • Proposing IMC-based recommendations for advancing the client’s brand.

IMC or integrated marketing communication can be defined as the process used to unify marketing communication elements, such as public relations, social media, audience analytics, business development principles, and advertising, into a brand identity that remains consistent across distinct media channels. Exactly what Brand PALS needs.

On 2 August Gerrit van Vuuren briefed the post grad class of 34 eager minds that all want to make a difference. He began his presentation with a box of beautiful export apples: “These are perfect apples, some are red, some are green, but can you, the consumer, tell me if it has been produced by a black or a white farmer?” They liked that. They asked many questions. They want to help. They will help. The future seems to be in great hands.

A huge thanks to you Dr Debbie Human-van Eck and your students for coming to the party. Yet again, we are growing together.

Watch this space for some awesome developments around

Brand PALS.


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