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Nduli pig farm in the making

They were there in the Ceres Valley Church Hall on 17 November. Since May this year they had regular meetings and discussions regarding their future as pig farmers.  This meeting on the evening of 17 November was to reaffirm their dedication to form one entity as 20 shareholders and to establish a new commercial piggery. They agreed on action steps to implement the vision of Nduli Pig Farming (Pty) Ltd as a commercial piggery.

The meeting and training session was attended by the shareholders, the mentor Era Tredoux as well as Yongama Femele and Gerrit van Vuuren from PALS. Proceedings started at 18h00 after most of the attendees put in a long hard day’s work. Chairman Cavis Tshambu opened the meeting with a prayer as is traditional in South Africa where farmers come together.

The chairman of PALS, Heinrich Jantjies came to deliver a message of support. The shareholders decided that if government funding or support will not be forthcoming, they will then build the new piggery themselves with coordination via PALS and advice from local experts using material procured from businesses also with the assistance of PALS. It is time to take action. Government will hopefully fence the 11ha farm and upgrade the Nduli sewage pipeline to stop further spillage and pollution on the land.

Chairman Tshambu said that for five years they tried to farm, but nothing has improved despite them requesting assistance from local and national government. Now, recently since they requested PALS to become involved, they see things are moving forward. PALS for example facilitated the leasing of the land and arranged a mentor for training and advice. George Xhantibe said: “We must show commitment and be willing to work hard, attend training sessions and show ourselves and the community what is possible if we grow together with PALS.”

Yongama says that the aim is to establish a clean, hygienic, communal commercial piggery before the next winter. “We believe it is possible with the shareholders and stakeholders from the community joining forces.”

Featured Image: Barend La Grange helping out during a visit to the Nduli pig farm



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