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Just do it

Over the years here at PALS we have done all we could to convince the world out there, from farmers to politicians, that PALS is the real McCoy. Now people are buying in more and more. PALS is step by step becoming a household name.

Many people and organisations whose opinions matter a lot are becoming continuously aware of it and confirming that PALS is the way to ensure inclusive growth in South Africa. For one, PALS went to the chief of tax policies at the Treasury Department. They wanted to, but had no idea how to help PALS, because their mission is to get money into the state’s coffers. Yet, the message from the Minister of Finances was clear: “You must support PALS.”

Talking about finance. On 12 May this year, during her budget speech, Agricultural Minister Thoko Didiza singled out PALS. She said that partnerships are the most important factor for the sustainable future of agriculture in South Africa. In her own words: “Initiatives like PALS where emerging farmers and commercial farmers are forming partnerships, is showing fruit in addressing binding constraints.” Music to our ears.


On 6 June 2022 President Cyril Ramaphosa wrote (verbatim) in his weekly newsletter: “Through the Pro-Active Land Acquisition Strategy and the release of state-owned land for agriculture, we are supporting more small-scale farmers to expand their businesses and make them commercially successful.  We are also focusing on establishing more public-private partnerships to support the expansion of black commercial farming through initiatives like the Partners in Agri Land Solutions …” Rock ’n roll music to our ears.

PALS must now continue building on the successes achieved thus far. Our limited resources cannot be depleted by doing extended campaigns of convincing, but should rather go towards  putting our money where our mouths are.

If you support the basic values of PALS, take the decision in principle to create a new PALS business or become a strategic supporter with a financial contribution. We can only do it if we do it together, but whichever way you look at it, there’s but one simple way out: Just do it. “Hit the road, Jack!”


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